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Lindo's started over 50 years ago as a small butcher shop and since then, we've grown at a rapid rate and we've expanded into the most successful grocery store chain in Bermuda.

We are typically known for our true family atmosphere, superior customers service, cleanliness and our ability to provide our customers with an extensive array of products. We offer products from the US, UK, Europe, Canada, Portugal and the Caribbean.

You'll find the fresh local fish, specialising in: tuna, wahoo, bonita, amber jack and mahi-mahi. When it comes to meat cuts, the quality does not differ! We provide the highest cuts available in Bermuda, from certified Angus Beef from Niman Ranch and Organic Chickens from Bell & Evans and Eberly Poultry Farms.

Finish off a lavish and mouth-watering meal with a cheese platter. At Lindo's you can also find an extravagant array of cheese, from around the world. Produce is all farmed locally, who keep it natural. We also provide a wonderful, wide range of organic and gluten-free products.

Deli Delicious:

Looking for a good meal on-the-go? Or fancy a night off from cooking? Our Devonshire store location has a hot and cold food deli counter, so you can easily find a dish suitable for you!

Entertaining Tonight?

We can provide made-to-order top notch fruit, cheese and deli cold cut trays for any occasion you may require...don't hesitate to ask us!

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