Turkey Provisioning Services

From local to imported fine & gourmet foods to bespoke wines & spirits and to toiletries and interior supplies, Turkey Provisioning Services are able to supply you with an extensive range of luxurious yacht provisions, for your captain, crew and guests.

Meat, game, fish & seafood

Beef, veal, lamb, pork and poultry is specially selected by experienced buyers to ensure the highest quality standards. With full traceability, all meats are cut, prepared and packaged to your individual requirements.

Turkey Provisioning offers a range of responsibly sourced fish and seafood including:
• Anchovies
• Calamaria
• Crab
• Dorade
• Grouper
• Hake
• John Dory
• Lobster
• Monkfish
• Oysters
• Red Mullet
• Snapper
• Salmon
• Sea Bass
• Sword Fish
• Turbot

Fresh local produce

Fresh provisions are sourced from local and international markets, as well as directly from the growers, guaranteeing freshness and quality. From standard fruit and vegetables to exotic berries and herbs, Turkey Provisioning can source the products you need.

A diverse selection of cheese, dairy and provisions are available from both local and international markets. Available in cut weights, whole, individual portions or catering packs with yoghurts, creams, butters and milk of all types,
as well as savory biscuits to compliment.

Working with bakers and patisseries, Turkey Provisioning offers a full range of provisions and baking equipment, including freshly baked loaves, baguettes and pastries.

Groceries and ingredients

Available in individual packs or cases to cater to the needs of both guests and crew, Turkey Provisions stocks a wide range of groceries and ingredients including organic, fair trade, vegan and special dietary produce.

International foods

Turkey Provisions offers a range of international groceries and ingredients to satisfy even the most demanding chefs, including oriental, Indian, Sushi Greek and Middle Eastern cuisine.


Hours of Work

24 hours a day, 365 days a year

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