The 5 of coolest ‘must have’ yacht toys

You’ve just sealed the deal on your new super yacht and you’re set to sail the high seas in your own vessel, ready to entertain with champagne receptions, spectacular views and action packed, fun filled days in warmer climates. So, you need to keep your yacht packed with cool equipment and things to do (which will also keep your faithful crew more than happy too). Read on for the top 5 most outlandish and unique tender toys that money can buy you and that you’ll be dying to show off at the next Monaco Yacht show.

The Floating BBQ/Dining Boat

This small vessel comes with a specially designed and installed 24-inch BBQ grill and seating for nine of your friends, plus an overhead parasol (to protect your head from the beating sun rather than the pouring rain). The price tag is relatively small – costing just $50,000 – as there is no motor on board. But not like you want to rush off anywhere anyway.

The Jetovator Jetpack

Taking the experience of both watersports and jet-powered packs to the next level, The Jetovator uses water thrust to shoot up a forty foot hose into the unit’s body, subsequently propelling and launching the Jetovator pack (and user) into the air, while maneuverable in all directions via two front nozzles which change the flow and direction of the thrust. Ever wanted to fly? Well, now you can.

The 2-man ‘Super Falcon Mark ii’ Submarine

You want a yacht, plus your own submarine, so why can’t you have both at the same time? The DeepFlight Super Falcon – at the coast of £1.3m – is a 21ft long submersible vessel big enough to hold two people. Able to reach depths of 400ft and reach a top speed of seven miles per hour, users can nip into the depths of the ocean with ease. Due to it’s arrow-like, aeronautic design, it can perform barrel rolls, perform sharp turning maneuvers and even dive fully vertically.

The Camper and Nicholson ‘Supercar’

Costing a mere £500,000, C&N have joined forces with UK company Briggs Automotives to bring the world of the supercar to the world of sailing. The car is lifted from the side of the vessel using a carbon-fibre crane arm to lift the car on to dockside. The car is able to reach top speeds of 0-60 in under 3 seconds, making it perfect for those who are looking to dash around the port in a jiffy.

Kokomo Aisland – The Floating Island vessel

If you want to knock jet-skis, inflatables and submarines out of the water (ahem) then why not consider Kokomo Aisland, a floating island vessel that looks a bit like an oil rig structure. But it comes complete with a penthouse 80m above the sea level, two jacuzzi suites, a helipad, an elevator, an underwater ‘dining saloon’ and glass interiors. It’s still being manufactured as designs were unveiled at this year’s Monaco event. But you can bet the price tag will reflect the sheer magnitude of this ‘personal, private hideout’.